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Planning your communications: use purpose as your compass


The legal world is ripe for disruption. Our new white paper will discuss developments on the horizon that directories are increasingly using as a point of comparison in legal service providers. New business models, technological advances and changes in clients’ expectations around fee arrangements are all creating conditions in which the most agile businesses can make great strides.

The changing face of the legal sector has been long in the making and this presents a huge opportunity. Forward thinking, innovative firms who are committed to challenging the norms of the industry are poised to make an impact.

Driving this change is not only about genuinely being different, but consistently communicating how you are doing things differently. Your ways of working, your take on things and your approach on working creatively with clients to fulfil their needs are all key to standing out.

Those who are set to gain the most are those that can differentiate themselves. Your distinctiveness can be illustrated through thought leaders identified and encouraged within the firm. Likewise social media can be a great platform for your lawyers to share their passion for the ways in which the firm does things differently.

Here are three ways to create impact when thinking about your communications:

Define what’s different about the firm

Everyone in the firm should have a clear focus on what makes ‘us’ different. What is the one feature of the firm that everyone is committed to?

Getting the right result, ‘winning’ in the context of litigation or securing a fair outcome for clients – this sets the tone for the way in which the firm collectively thinks and works.

Ensure that the firm’s shared purpose is at the heart of communications planning

The clarity that comes from everyone understanding the firm’s focus should be used to guide communications at every level throughout the firm. Individuals should be empowered to share their views with conviction.

By illustrating that the firm and its thought leaders stay abreast of the most cutting-edge changes shaping the collective future of both the firm and its clients, the firm becomes known for anticipating developments and driving the outcomes they hope to secure.

Becoming prominent market commentators drives loyalty and trust in the firm.

Facilitate genuine conversation

Being genuinely open and enthusiastic about how key headlines shape the direction of your firm and affects your clients is the start of a conversation.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room” – so stay in the room.

Engage with other thought leaders in the market and become known for being an influencer in your sector. By being a facilitator of thoughts and opinions on how the legal sector is changing, followers and clients can get to know the firm authentically – through its people and their passion.

Therefore, let your purpose define and distinguish you. Let it be your compass in mapping all of your communications.

Legal sector marketing has traditionally been descriptive, reassuring and alike. The exciting opportunity lies in talking about what makes your firm different – and showing it.

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