When the reputation of your organisation is damaged it can have an adverse effect on your whole business for many months or years ahead.

There are many things that can quickly damage the reputation of your firm – classic examples include:

  • being mis-quoted in the media
  • misdirected emails
  • negative feedback on the internet
  • malicious acts of hacking social media channels
  • negative word of mouth
  • whistleblowing by disgruntled employees or suppliers
  • poor financial performance

When things do go wrong, an initial period of ‘fire fighting’ often occurs which can cause further reputational damage. Rebuilding the reputation of your organisation with your clients will cost time and money.

Our approach is to help you avoid the fire fighting ‘after the event’ by introducing a clear risk assessment and mitigation ‘before the event’, with agreed protocols to follow in a crisis.

We will help you to:

  • identify, assess and score what the key risks to your firm’s reputation are
  • consider what your organisation could do now to mitigate risk
  • implement a reputational risk mitigation plan either across the firm or in respect of specific tactical risks

We have devised a simple reputational risk assessment and mitigation planning tool that can help law firms and chamber sets manage risk before it turns into a crisis. We will also provide ongoing assistance to help you implement the most effective strategies to protect the reputation of your firm and its individuals.

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