Today’s modern lawyer is expected to acquire additional marketing and business development skills to help win more business for their law firm. Many lawyers find they need a lot of time to perfect their marketing skills which is often at conflict with their main priority which is to generate fees.

Our highly interactive and ‘lawyer friendly’ marketing workshops include:

How lawyers can use LinkedIn as a BD tool

Our new course covers:

  • Building a strong profile – we’ll take a look at your profile to see if it meets our checklist of suggestions.
  • Boost your social presence – How does LinkedIn rate your profile and performance? Learn what you could be doing better.
  • How to use LinkedIn for business successfully – Tips and case studies, learn how and what to post with practical exercises, how to use groups to network and amplify your expertise.

It’s proving very popular – please email if interested.

Social media training for lawyers

Doing social media well, how to get the best out of the main social networks, setting up your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, tweaking your profile and photo for best impact, help you to get connected to build your social network.

Blogging training for lawyers

Explaining what a blog is and the impact they can have on your website traffic, identifying suitable blogs to post articles, how to create an opportunity to blog on a third party website, how to write a perfect blog, how to measure the impact of blogging.

Media training for lawyers

Explaining the different types of media, how to deal with difficult questions, how to deal with journalists and how to perform in front of the camera and on radio

Request our free guide: 12 mistakes lawyers make with the media.

Strategic communications for law firms

Explaining the importance of strategic corporate communications, how to win ‘buy-in’ from your team, developing key corporate messages, how to implement your communication strategy across your firm

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