Digital platforms have rapidly transformed B2C markets and are having a similar effect on the B2B markets. Customers no longer reach for the Yellow Pages to find their nearest practice – they look online to find companies, research you, check out reviews and ask questions before they ever pick up the phone to talk to someone. Your digital presence needs to support your brand by providing your audience with the information they need, at the point they need it.

We develop digital strategy for you by following a process known as A STAR – Audit, Strategy, Tactics, Activity and Review.

The audit involves understanding all the elements that go into your marketing efforts, creating customer personas and mapping the customer journey, analysing what competitors are doing and understanding what resources you have that can help create an effective marketing campaign.

After this, we craft a strategy that matches the needs of your business with the objectives we’ve set in the audit phase. We constantly refer back to the audit to keep your customer at the forefront of the strategy. At this stage we present the strategy back to you to get buy-in from your senior team and then develop the tactics and start the activity that will connect you to your audience.

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