Our first, second and third choice would always be to help you have the reputation management approaches in place that will stop you needing crisis communications support.

But crises do happen.

When they do, it can really help to have calm, robust, experienced heads around to help you navigate through these most unpleasant of experiences.

How we can support you in a crisis

We can:

  • Come on board quickly, to help you keep control when there is a danger it could be lost.
  • Advise behind the scenes or step in as your crisis press office to take the heat off your in-house team or frontline lawyers.
  • Help you deliver short, medium and long-term responses that remain consistent, and will stand up to scrutiny.
  • Develop lines to take and Q&As for internal, client and media audiences.
  • Move smoothly back from a crisis footing to a business-as-usual footing as quickly as possible.
  • Debrief, learn lessons, and work with you as required to develop plans to repair any reputational damage.

If you need us now, call us on +44 (0)20 3475 3727.

If reading this has made you question how prepared you are, visit our reputation management page. And bookmark our details if you think you might ever need our experienced legal PR team in a hurry.