Having a clearly defined brand strategy can help law firms differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive yet mostly undifferentiated market. Exciting opportunities lie in the ability of legal businesses to talk about what makes them different.

Everyone in your firm should clearly understand what makes ‘us’ different and be able to articulate this quickly and effectively. This focus can mean the difference between someone engaging your services or choosing those of a competitor.

Your brand can also help to motivate your staff internally, focusing them on the wider vision of the firm and their role in its delivery. Ultimately, your brand can be used to attract high-calibre people to your organisation.

A strong brand is often the key cornerstone of the firm that everyone is committed to and unites colleagues. Getting the right result, ‘winning’ cases, securing fair outcomes for clients − your passion sets the tone for the way in which the firm collectively thinks and works.

When executed properly and activated across the business, your brand should always deliver a return on investment.

We advise the legal sector on understanding the importance of brand positioning, consistent messaging and service delivery. We can also help to:

  • Generate client feedback on your current brand
  • Evaluate current service delivery
  • Identify and define a new brand proposition
  • Visual brand redesign (including logo, stationery, website and marketing collateral)
  • Rebrand offices and Point of Sale (POS)
  • Define new brand messages and tone of voice
  • Define service delivery KPIs
  • Create client value propositions
  • Manage brand launch and associated PR
  • Provide ongoing brand management support

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