You might be new to tendering, find the process as confusing as completing a tax return or simply not have time to tender.

Commercial, creative and full of energy, our tenders and proposals team can:

  • help a stretched bid team
  • be your outsourced solution at any stage of the bid and tender process
  • provide training to your in-house team

We are highly skilled at dissecting work-winning opportunities, working with stakeholders to identify winning strategies and writing persuasive submissions.

Pre-bid Go/No Go assessment 

We help law firm clients interrogate bid opportunities to ensure that the cost and time involved in bidding is directed at opportunities you can win.

Bid writing

Clients need different levels of writing support depending on their internal resources and bid experience.  Our writing services range from turning raw information into a stand-out response, reviewing and improving live drafts to clever editing to comply with the toughest word or character limits.

Review and improve your bid

Independent bid reviews are critical throughout the bid process.  We can provide a staged review service, or one-off review and improve to enhance your bid solution. We review entire bids or individual sections to fit client timescales and budgets.


A fresh eye review prior to submission will always pick up typos, inconsistencies and any other horror waiting to discredit your bid response.

When your bid team is past fatigued and can’t see the wood from the trees, we will carry out a clean review to ensure there are no mistakes that will negatively impact on the assessment of your bid response.

Historic bid and process review and training

Whether you are struggling to win tenders or would benefit from taking stock of and improving your bid function, we can help.

We work with clients, putting in place bespoke proposal processes and providing training to in-house teams and lawyers to embed best practice and a cohesive approach to tendering across the firm.

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