Untapped Potential – UK Legal Services & Latin America

The MD Communications Lat Am White Paper

In October 2013, MD Communications launched a White Paper posing key questions about Lat Am-UK potential. In particular:

  • While UK plc. has woken up to Lat Am opportunities, could UK LLP be doing more? And
  • Can the UK legal sector do more to assist businesses in Latin American countries to fulfil their economic promise more quickly?

Why was it created?

We started looking at legal sector business opportunities in Latin America for the simple reason that our clients asked us to. These clients had undertaken limited work for Latin American clients, and wanted to know how to turn incidental instructions into a consistent book of business with a business development strategy attached; or they knew what they could achieve for clients, here and in the Americas – but in terms of contacts or insights, they were looking at a blank page.

What’s in it?

Our White Paper identifies the sort of good business deals and partnerships that could and should be realised. We’ve done that, not least, by talking to lawyers from firms of all sizes, who have shown what is possible.

Their example and experience shows that progress here would benefit both UK lawyers and their peers in Latin American law firms.

For a free copy of the White Paper please email info@mdcomms.co.uk