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Is being controversial the safest brand strategy?

Controversial word

Unless you’ve had all news and social media switched off recently you’ll have seen the latest Gillette ad. The one which shows a range of suboptimal male behaviour, including sexual harassment, before switching to examples of men at their best – intervening in playground fights, sticking up for women and much, much more.

It fits with the #MeToo era, where bad behaviour is hopefully less likely to be ignored.

The ad has been the subject of news reports, many column inches of commentary, the subject of letters, tweets, Facebook updates and debates down the pub. The BBC doesn’t take adverts, but it has broadcast the resulting controversy.

Blanket coverage. But how has it worked, and is it a good idea?

So even though, and perhaps especially because, Piers Morgan doesn’t like the ad, it gets the thumbs up from me – and by extension my husband and all my male friends who are still using their Gillette razors.

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