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Don’t let your referees be a spanner in the works

Spanner in the works

We work with many law firms around the world and frequently hear referees getting the blame for a lower than expected legal directory ranking. However, the referee spreadsheet often gets the same level of attention as the pricing schedule to a tender. Hours spent on the submission form itself, then completing the one-page referee spreadsheet in a rush as the clock ticks down. It’s the easy part, isn’t it?

Particularly for Chambers and Partners, referees are (pretty much) king. Having put the hard work into your practice overview and matter highlights, here are some pointers to help get the most ranking impact from your referees:

As with much to do with the directory submissions, managing the selection and ongoing contact with referees needs to be strategically and logically thought through and managed  to give you the best chance of achieving your target rankings.

Download our guide on referees

If you’d like any support with your directories submissions, whether you’re already ranked or looking to be, our expert team can help.

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