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Catch the Sun Adventure Challenge

MD Communications is proud to announce that we are sponsoring the Widehorizons Catch the Sun Adventure Challenge, which is due to take place on 21st September this year. The event is a tough one, requiring participants to complete a number of demanding physical challenges – a 37km bike ride, 2hr canoe and 24km hike – and all before the sun sets on the 21st September. So, it’s no picnic! However, whilst the challenge is a great way for individuals to see how far they can push themselves physically, it is also being organised to raise money for an important cause, as it will result in many more adventures for children who otherwise could not afford them.

Taking part in an event such as this charity challenge is a great example of corporate social responsibility, something which has grown in popularity as many in the legal profession have come to realise just how beneficial this can be, not only for their communities and the charities that they raise money for, but also for their own employees and internal team structures.

One of the main reasons that corporate social responsibility is such a great idea is that it gives members of an organisation a reason to feel proud of it. This has a huge effect on loyalty within a firm or company and can also create much closer bonds, as all those within the business feel that they are effectively sharing the same goal. It may also increase applications from talented individuals who want to work for the firm, as for many people a pleasant environment where there is some balance between work and life, is the ultimate aim.

Of course corporate social responsibility is fantastic PR. Law firms don’t always have the best reputation when it comes to giving back to the community and the world at large, so this type of good cause involvement is a great way to show that the legal profession does actually care about the world around it and those who are not as fortunate in terms of income and opportunities. Positive accounts from corporate social responsibility events can be shared with the media, posted online, tweeted and reported in status updates, as well as making for good stories at legal events and networking socials – tales of hiking through mountains make a nice change from talking shop!

Corporate social responsibility can also create business opportunities, and is likely to impress clients who see that their lawyers can handle challenges such as the Catch the Sun Adventure Challenge. Most of all though, the effects of encouraging those within the firm to come together, to compete and to do something outside of the office can create the kinds of interpersonal understanding and teamwork that just isn’t likely to be formed over a desk or at an after works drinks session.

So, with that in mind, if you would like to sign up a team for the Catch the Sun Adventure Challenge you can find all the details here. Good luck and see you at the finish!

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