Our Values
Our Chief Executive, Melissa Davis, founded MD Communications in 2010, with a vision to nurture a team of talented and committed PR professionals, drawing together a breadth of expertise and passion for client service, to provide leading PR services to clients in the legal sector.

We exist as an agency to create, grow and manage relationships for our clients in the most enjoyable way for everyone involved. Relationships are at the heart of everything we do. When our network grows so does that of all our clients as we ensure that there are several opportunities to meet and refer work.

Almost 10 years on, MD Communications has grown, continuing to deliver Melissa’s commitment to providing a leading service for clients and a rewarding and enriched environment for her team to flourish.

This means that we don’t work with clients who treat us badly, who disrespect our values, our bodies or our minds, and we seek out prospective clients with reputations and values aligned to our own, supporting their own staff to excel.

We have made mistakes, reaffirming the importance of collaborating with clients who are likeminded.

We have learned from them and we enjoy honest feedback from all our relationships about where we can grow and improve.

We are supported to engage and build relationships with our clients that will last. We are a passionate team, well looked after by our Chief Executive.

As a team of senior consultants, we enjoy autonomy and flexibility and, in return, we give an abundant amount of energy and loyalty to the agency and our clients.

With our team you will receive a value proposition that ensures you all look and feel great and you enjoy the process of getting there.

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