Case Studies
From crisis communications to improving directory rankings and developing social media strategies, our clients benefit from a team of experienced specialists. Here's some examples of our recent work for clients.

Sensitive litigation case

We worked with the Tax Litigation team at a top-50 UK law firm to develop and deliver strategic media relations support around two high-profile, complex and contentious tax litigation cases. In both cases, a group action was being brought on behalf of a large number of clients, and we were brought in at an early stage in the development of the case.

We developed a deep understanding of the issues involved in the cases, and strong working relationships with selected journalists, including on the Financial Times and The Times newspapers. As in all litigation, media relations proposals had to be established and delivered sensitively, taking into account client needs and the necessary legal and judicial proprieties in the handling of the case.

As a direct result of extremely high-profile and sympathetic coverage, the firm were instructed to act on behalf of 15 further clients in one of the cases and 23 further clients in another.

MD Communications quickly grasped the issues in this case. The high-profile coverage they delivered was not only helpful to our existing clients and our development of the case, but also directly contributed to us securing additional client instructions. The issues surrounding this case were often fast moving, but MD Communications were agile and responsive, turning these twists and turns in the news agenda to our advantage


Complex cases

We’ve worked with an internationally renowned, top-100 law firm for over five years – frequently being brought in to support both the firm and their clients with media relations around complex litigation cases.

In one case, the litigants were a family in an extremely high-profile bereavement, and the defendants were a series of globally recognised brands. We were brought in to handle all media strategy around the launch of the case – advising the legal team and the family. We developed clear messages and ensured these ran through all media communications. We delivered extensive, positive media coverage across the international, UK national and specialist consumer and trade media. This included broadcast interviews for both the lead lawyer and the family.

Legal directories rankings

In 2018 we worked with an Eastern European firm targeting a top-tier ranking for their Competition department. They had been in tier 2 for a number of years and had not been able to improve despite the quality of the work they were undertaking.

We reviewed their previous submission to assess their strengths and look for any weaknesses in the submission. We followed up with a consultation call with the lead partner to pull out the key messages and matter highlights in order to draft a compelling submission.

Several months later we were delighted to receive a note saying that they had moved to tier 1 and “highly appreciated the input”.

Social media and digital strategy

We worked with an internationally recognised lawyer network to reignite its ailing social media channels and redevelop the dated website.

Following a through audit and review, a brief was drawn up for the web developers and MD Communications oversaw the work to ensure a new structure and layout for the site was delivered. This work was completed in an extremely short timescale, in order to be ready for a conference at which the changes to the site would be presented.

At the same time, we took over the running of the Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, posting timely third-party content from reputable sources in order to position the organisation as a trusted content curator. We also made use of existing content from the website, repackaged into bite-size chunks as part of a strategy of continued content promotion, and oversaw the upload and sharing of new content from the member firms.

As a direct result of the work, after three weeks, an increase in website traffic could be seen, of users, sessions and pageviews, with a drop in bounce rate. The site benefited from a hugely simplified menu structure, with a cleaner, clearer feel.

On both LinkedIn and Twitter, a massive leap in impressions (around 500%) can be seen from when the accounts were reactivated, with engagement rate increasing in a steady trajectory.

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